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    Catalog of Standard Samples


    Center for Certification Testing of Non-Ferrous Metals, Standard Samples and Metrological Provision of Analytical Control has been certified by the Ministry of Industrial policy of Ukraine (Certificate of Assessment №06544-5-3-154-ВЛ of September 28, 2010) is the Leading Organization of Metrological Service of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine (Certificate of Assessment № 06544-5-3-23/3-ГОМС of September 29, 2010), certified as a Center of Branch Department for Standard Samples (Ц ОССО) (Certificate of Assessment №06544-5-3-3/2-Ц ГССЗ of September 29, 2010).

    The Center consists of Laboratory of Chemical, Physical and Chemical Methods of Research and Analysis (No 13) and Laboratory of Physical, Spectro-Chemical Research and Analysis (No 18).

    Methods of analysis employed:

    • Atomic emission with the following methods of excitation of sample spectrum: inductively coupled plasma (ICP), arc and spark operation modes;
    • Atomic absorption with flame ionization or thermal sample atomization;
    • X-ray fluorescence;
    • Electronic paramagnetic resonance;
    • Mass spectrometric;
    • Chromatographic;
    • Neutron activation;
    • Spectrophotometric in visible, ultraviolet, infrared and X-ray spectral ranges;
    • X-ray structure analysis;
    • Electron microscopy with microanalysis;
    • Differential thermal analysis;
    • Sieve analysis;
    • Ionometry;

    Center activities are focused on:

    • Elaboration of national standards including that regarding analysis techniques, specifications and other normative documents;
    • Assurance of uniformity of measurements, accreditation and organizational supervision of measuring laboratories of the enterprises;
    • Elaboration of analytic control schemes for the facilities designed by the Titanium Institute;
    • Development of determination techniques and instrumentation equipment;
    • Performing of control and arbitration analysis;
    • Metrological evaluation of documents, determination of metrological performance and issue of certificates for analysis techniques;
    • Performing work on sorting and separation of lump, granulated and powder materials with regard to magnetic, optic and thermoelectric properties;
    • Development and manufacture of standard reference samples of composition and properties of substances and materials of different categories.

    In the assigned field of industrial production about 3000 GOST and DSTU standards and TU specification are used for non-ferrous metals and associated products. More than 30 TU specifications, over 100 determination techniques, about 100 standard samples of different categories have been newly developed over the last two years.

    PJSC «Titanium Institute» was first to manufacture national and branch standard samples for aluminous industry in Ukraine, national standard samples of rutile, zircon and disthene-sillimanite concentrates have been developed.

    Complexity of manufacturing of national standard samples (SS), high metrological requirements to their release require close cooperation with many Ukrainian enterprises. For example, about 30 laboratories of the non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises and organizations and research institutes took part in the interlaboratory accreditation analysis of the standard samples of bauxites, alumina, red mud, aluminum, zirconium, rutile and disthene-silimanite concentrates. This kind of cooperation helps to carry out the accreditation analysis oriented for improvement of the developed standard samples quality, to recommend the application of specific analysis techniques and instrumentation for analytic control of non-ferrous metals production and to perform testing of SS on the new analytic equipment of the enterprises: atomic-absorption spectrophotometers, atomic-emission spectrometers with inductive coupled plasma, sulphur, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and other analyzers.

    In the accreditation analysis a number of enterprises from Russian Federation take part: PJSC Pikalevo Association “Alumina”; PJSC “Boksitogorsk Alumina”; PJSC “Volkhov Aluminum”; PJSC “Volgograd Aluminum”; JSC “Novokuznetsk Aluminum Plant”; PJSC “SUAL”; “Kaz-SUAL” at Kandalaksha, PJSC “Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Smelter”, OJSC “VSMPO” Chepetsk Mechanical Plant as well as Ukrainian enterprises: “Nikolaev Alumina Refinery”, PJSC “Zaporozhye Aluminum Plant”, “Volnogorsk State Mining and Metallurgical Plant”, SSPE “Zirconium”, PJSC “Zaporozhabrazive”, PJSC “Azovstal Iron & Steel Works”, “Southukrgeology”, Physico-Chemical Institute Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of Ukraine (Odessa), PJSC “Sumy Frunze Machine-Buliding Science and Production Association”, “Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant” and other enterprises, research and development and academic institutes.

    The employed methods of analysis, the equipment applied and high-skill experts of the Center make it possible to resolve issues related to product analytic control, to determine material and phase composition at the metallurgical facilities for non-ferrous metals production and other production facilities, including ecological control of air and water basins of enterprises and production facilities. Center experts have the experience of designing and implementation of analytical control systems.