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  • Tel.: +38(061)2899100

    Director – Olexandr Zavgorodniy.

    Address: Sobornyi Av., 24, Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia, 69063.

    Tel.:+380 (67) 6177116, (061) 2244185, (061) 2244055.

    LLC “MULTIFLEX” has been on the market since 2002. The company has been dealing with the issues of titanium rolled profiled stock for domestic market. Recently (since 2015) it has been cooperating with R&D Center “Titanium of Zaporizhzhia” in the field of introducing spherical titanium powder of ВТ20, ВТ6 and ВТ1-0 grades into the production. The company solves main issues connected with the production of this powder in Ukraine. Since 2017 it has been participating in a construction of titanium and scaling resistant alloy powder production site in Zaporizhzhia. MULTIFLEX owns equipment for thermal treatment of titanium and its alloys.

    Titanium powder produced with the participation of specialists of LLC “MULTIFLEX” is tested in JSC “MOTORSICH”. Scientific activities of LLC “MULTIFLEX” is carried out jointly with specialists of Zaporizhzhia National Technical University and “Lviv Polytechnic” National University.

    LLC “MULTIFLEX” has an experience of cooperation with:

    • LLC “MK Antares”;
    • SE Research and Production Center “Titan”, E. Paton Electric Welding Institute;
    • SE “USSI”;
    • CJSC “Dnepropresmash”.