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  • Tel.: +38(061)2899100

    Director – Ph. D. in Technical Sciences, Professor Olexandr Ovchynnikov.

    Address: 64 Zhukovskogo Str., office 1а, Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia, 69063.

    Tel.:+380 (95) 434-77-31, (061) 769-8-362; e-mail:


    Activity directions

    1. Development of technology for powder production from hydrogenated titanium sponge and titanium parts by means of powder metallurgy.
    2. Development and production of 3D powder.
    3. High-quality products for aerospace industry including special alloys (nano-titanium).
    4. Production of alloyed titanium sponge and powder on its basis.
    5. Development of technology for gas turbine engine parts production from intermetallics in the Ti-Al system – alpha phase (Ti3Al) and gamma phase (Ti-Al).
    6. Development of technology for disk production from scaling resistant nickel grain-based alloys.
    7. Technology of vacuum arc remelting of non-ferrous metals.
    8. Mobile integration of innovative technologies and development of metallurgical production basis for up-to-date powder technologies in the wide range of material science of titanium, its alloys and other leading metals applied in aircraft engineering.