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    Titanium Institute includes

    Research and Development division (NIITitan)

    Development and introduction of new and improvement of existing technologies and equipment in the field of non-ferrous metals, ferro-alloys, titanium powders and products from them More >>

    Design division (TITANProject)

    Implementation of design works of any complexity in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy, production of ferroalloys, chemical industry and other industries More >>

    Zaporozhye metallurgical pilot plant (ZMOZ)

    Production of titanium powders and products from them. Production of titanium powders saturated with hydrogen (titanium hydride). More >>

    Center for certification testing of non-ferrous metals, standard samples and metrological provision of analytical control

    Catalog of Standard Samples   Center for Certification Testing of Non-Ferrous Metals, Standard Samples and Metrological Provision of Analytical Control has been certified by the Ministry of Industrial policy of Ukraine (Certificate of Assessment №06544-5-3-154-ВЛ of September 28, 2010) is the Leading Organization of Metrological Service of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine (Certificate […] More >>
    business activities


    Production of magnesium

    Titanium production

    Production of rare metals


    Other production

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    Design works on development of productions

    Complex of works on technical ecology

    Certification tests, development and expertise

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    Manufacture of hydrogenated sponge titanium powders

    The technology of obtaining products from titanium powders and alloys by the powder metallurgy method

    Production of doped sponge titanium for additive technologies based on titanium powders

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    Powders of titanium

    Porous sintered products from titanium powders

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    PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY «TITANIUM INSTITUTE» was created in Zaporozhye in 1956 to provide the enterprises of non-ferrous metallurgy of Ukraine by research and development studies. In 1966 the Institute became the specialized leading institute of titanium industry in Soviet Union. In 1976 it became the leading institute of magnesium industry as well as general designer of all titanium and magnesium plants. Since 1992 the Institute has been the leading institute and general designer of non-ferrous metallurgy plants as well as manufacturers of semiconductor and carbon graphite materials in Ukraine. At present Titanium Institute is the only integrated research and design organization in Europe in the fields of titanium and magnesium production and primary non-ferrous metallurgy.

    In accordance with the decree of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine of February 14, 2017 No. 198


    (SE «SRD Titanium Institute») was reorganized into PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY «TITANIUM INSTITUTE» (PJSC “Titanium Institute”).

    High work quality of PJSC «Titanium Institute» has been confirmed by Quality Certificates issued by international institutions. First Quality Certificate (Ref. No. 751009262) was awarded on March 5, 2003 by international certification body TUV-CERT to certify that quality management system has been established and applied in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 with the scope of application “Development and commercialization of processes and equipment for metallurgical and chemical industry, engineering service”.

    The witness audit was conducted on February 2016 to check compliance with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2008 International Certification Authority “DEKRA Certification Sp. Z o.o.”. The audit ascertained yet again that PJSC «Titanium Institute» had introduced and maintains the quality management system, which is confirmed by International Certificate No.320312032/3 dtd 14.04.2016.

    The specialists of PJSC «Titanium Institute» passed professional certification in 2015 in the Certification Architectural and Construction Commission of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Public Services of Ukraine and received Qualification Certificates of principal investigators of individual work items (services) related to building objects of architecture with qualification of design engineers.

    PJSC «Titanium Institute» incorporates the certified Center for Certification Testing of Non-Ferrous Metals, Standard Samples and Metrological Provision of Analytical Control (Assessment Certificate No.06544-5-1-2/3-ГОМС, registration No.3813-85 ВЛ dtd 01.07.2013) and certified Integrated Laboratory of Industrial Ecology (Assessment Certificate No.06544-5-1-2/3-ГОМС, registration No.3813-86 ВЛ dtd 01.07.2013 г.).

    According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.94 dtd 23.03.2014 “On reorganization of the Ministry of Industrial Policy” PJSC «Titanium Institute» belongs to the sphere of management of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. The revised version of the Charter was approved by the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine No.1128 dtd 09.09.2015.

    During four decades PJSC «Titanium Institute», together with other scientific and design organizations and enterprises, created a full-scale production of titanium and magnesium, provided with powerful high-capacity equipment, which enables to produce top quality products. It makes use of the most important research and development activities in the fields of production technology, economy and consumption of titanium and magnesium.

    Lines of Enterprise Activity

    In accordance with findings of the Commission for Certification of Research Institutions PJSC «Titanium Institute» was certified by the decision No.3 of December 03, 2012 of the Board of the State Property Agency of Ukraine and ranged in group “B” with respect to line of activity “Development of technologies and equipment, non-ferrous and rare metals, semiconductor and carbon graphite materials production engineering” (Assessment Certificate No. 027 of December 03, 2012).

    PJSC «Titanium Institute» basic lines of activity according to Ukrainian Industry Classification System KVED-2010:

    • 71.20 Technical tests and investigations;
    • 72.19 Investigations and experimental developments in the field of other natural and engineering sciences;
    • 71.11 Activity in the field of architecture;
    • 71.12 Activity in the field of engineering, geology and geodetics, rendering services of technical consulting in these spheres;
    • 24.45 Production of other non-ferrous metals;
    • 24.53 Casting light non-ferrous metals.

    Brener Victor Alexandrovich

    Director General

    Storchak Evgeniy Alisovich

    First Deputy General Director
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