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    Titanium production

    • Titanium slag production technology
    • Titanium tetrachloride production technology
    • Fine purification of titanium tetrachloride
    • Unit for magnesium reduction of titanium sponge
    • Titanium sponge production technology
    • Porous sintered titanium articles application in different branches of economy
    • Technology of reacting mass vacuum distillation
    • Production technology of titanium powders and titanium powder articles
    • Technology of alloying and refining of titanium powders
    • Technology for processing titanium scrap and titanium alloys

    Magnesium production

    • Magnesium electrolytic production technology
    • Diaphragmless for magnesium production
    • Flow-line magnesium production
    • Technology of сontinuous magnesium refining technology
    • Technology of granulated magnesium production technology
    • Technology for cast iron desulphurization by magnesium
    • Technology of vagnesium alloys production

    Silicon production

    • Single-crystalline silicon production technology
    • Polycrystalline silicon production technology
    • Trichlorsilane production technology
    • High-purity silicon production technology

    Rare metals production

    • Production technology of magnesium reduction of zirconium sponge
    • Technology of electrolytic manganese production
    • Ti-Zr master alloys production technology
    • Germanium production technology
    • Lithium production technology
    • Gallium metal production technology

    Waste utilization

    • Technology of scandium oxide production from waste
    • Slurry and sludge cake utilization technology
    • Technology of pure vanadium pentoxide production from chloride waste of titanium production
    • Off-gases purification technology
    • Technology of purification of residential and industrial waste water
    • Technology of utilization of red mud from aluminum oxide production

    Other industries

    • Pigment titanium dioxide production technology
    • Zirconium-containing clinker production technology
    • Concentrates production technology for ferroalloy industry
    • Ferrotitanium production technology

    Sponge titanium production complete diagram en