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    Zaporozhye metallurgical pilot plant (ZMOZ)


    Zaporozhye metallurgical pilot plant is an organizational department of JSC “TITANIUM INSTITUTE”. It has been founded in order to develop and introduce new developments in the field of metallurgy of titanium and powder metallurgy of titanium.

    Its products т€“ titanium powder and titanium powder articles.

    Porous sintered articles have application in chemical, textile, metallurgical and other industries for purification of various media (TU U 27.4-00201081-001-2003). They also find application in filtration of drinking and mineral water (TU U 27.4-00201081-002-2003).

    During work in aggressive media: – as filtering elements in various cartridge filters; – as aerators in installations for regeneration and concentration by flotation method; – on the installations for biological treatment of waste waters.

    Practicability of porous titanium articles results from their high corrosion resistance, biological neutrality, possibility to adjust pore sizes, porosity, mechanical strength and dimensions in the process of manufacturing.

    They are applied in the form of cups, tubes, Raschig rings and other elements of equipment for chemical, textile, metallurgical and other industries.

    A wide range of tests has been performed, which showed positive results for use of porous sintered titanium articles for various applications.

    For example, the research carried out on flotation cell for foaming separation on concentration plants showed, that foam separation machines with titanium tubes serving as aerators yield higher process parameters.

    Porous titanium tubes are used as aerators on installations for waste water biological treatment, replacing slotted acid-resistant pipe. Testing showed, that the application of titanium powder porous sintered elements allowed to sharply increase oxygen content in the treated waste waters. Oxygen is very important for life support of the silt.

    At present porous titanium filters are installed on several facilities for mineral water dispensing.

    In comparison with other porous materials, they have a number of advantages:

    – high strength;
    – corrosion resistance;
    – biological passivity;
    – low specific gravity;
    – can be repeatedly used after regeneration.

    Porous titanium articles can be welded by argon-arc, pressure contact or diffusion welding, can be machined.

    The enterprise can arrange delivery of articles in required quantities as well as provide technological support in determination of the best conditions for application of porous titanium articles.