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    Pilot plant and its products

    Наша продукция

    At present Zaporozhye metallurgical pilot plant of JOINT STOCK COMPANY “INSTITUTE OF TITANIUM” (JSC “Institute of Titanium”) produces titanium powders with different particle size, their compounds, in particular titanium powders enriched by hydrogen (titanium hydride). Powders comply with TU 14-109-026-98 and are used for blanks in mechanical engineering and other industries.
    Наша продукция

    Titanium powders enriched by hydrogen are used as a carrier of high-purity hydrogen. The plant also produces porous sintered articles of titanium powders. Porous sintered articles have application in chemical, textile, metallurgical and other industries for purification of different aggressive media (TU U 27.4-00201081-001-2003) as well as for filtering of drinking and mineral water (TU U 27.4-00201081-002-2003).